Retkipaikka – tips for unforgettable nature experiences

In 2017, Finland celebrates 100 years of independence. Fiskars is one of the official partners of the ‘Finland 100 years’ project established by the Prime Minister’s Office. As part of this partnership, Fiskars Group will present a gift of nature’s tranquility by donating the park area of Dagmar in Källviken, Finland, to Finns and friends of Finland for one hundred years.

The Dagmar park area is a combination of diverse Finnish forest, natural beaches, coastal rock faces, and the sea. At the heart of the park is the historic Dagmar spring, known for its exceptionally clear and clean water that invigorates hikers and provides a taste of nature at its purest. Before the handover in August 2017, Fiskars will restore the area in order to make moving around in the park easy and comfortable for walkers, hikers, boaters, and tourists, while conserving the valuable forest environment.


Nature has always been an important source of inspiration for the Fiskars Group, its brands Arabia, Fiskars, Hackman and Iittala, as well as our designers. In Dagmar Park, Visitors can find inspiration in nature, just as our designers have done through the years. Visitors are surrounded by nature in all its rugged beauty, providing a glimpse of the origins of the iconic products of many of our designers. Fiskars wants to bring the serenity of nature within reach for everyone, and to inspire people to seek well-being in nature, share their experiences and spread inspiration further. Fiskars wishes to inspire discussion on how time spent in nature can affect the lives of all Finns.

Since 2012, the website has been an avid promoter of hiking, camping and nature experiences available to all. Throughout the centenary year, we will collaborate with the website’s writers and experts. On this website, they will share their experiences of Dagmar park through texts and inspiring images along with tips for enjoying the park. In January, we’ll get the first look into what’s happening in Dagmar park.

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Introducing Retkipaikka


During Finland’s centenary, Fiskars would like to wake up discussions about a subject that’s important to many Finns: how spending time in nature enriches both our everyday lives and our special occasions. To do this, we’ve teamed up with the writers of the popular bloggers’ site. (or Finland, naturally for English speaking nature lovers) has been promoting the universal pleasures of walking, hiking and experiencing nature since 2012. We will be co-operating with the writers and experts of the blog throughout the centenary. They will share their own experiences in Dagmar park through inspiring pictures and words, as well as give us their favourite tips for walking in nature.

To open the discussion, we interviewed Antti Huttunen, the founder of, whose relationship with nature has become even stronger while living in an urban environment.

Nature has been part of my life ever since I was a child, but I’ve never found it mundane. Moving to the city at the turn of last century still made a big difference to me. When nature was a bit further away, I started to miss it differently. I also came to understand how privileged we are to have the opportunity to enjoy it.






The partnership between and Fiskars was a result of life’s quirky coincidences. After a meeting, Fiskars employees were searching for online information about Dagmar park, which was to be donated to Finland by Fiskars for the centenary. A blog post about Empress Dagmar’s spring, written by Antti, came up as the top result. At the same time, YLE was broadcasting a television program called Metsien kätkemä (“Hidden by forests”), in which Antti participated as an expert and an experienced hiker. It turned out that the spectacular nature scenes of the program had been shot by the same production company, Flatlight Films Ltd. from Rovaniemi, who’d made the 360 degree VR (Virtual Reality) nature film for Fiskars. It was clearly fate, so Fiskars got in contact with Antti.

Fiskars wanted an expert to share insights about nature – ones that are easy to miss in an urban environment – as well as show how easily accessible Finnish nature is and how many ways there are to enjoy it. Antti had enough ideas to last the year.

– During the centenary we will explore the surroundings of the Dagmar spring from 12 unique angles. We will revisit it at different times of the year, approach it from different directions, learn about the birds, mushrooms and vegetation of the area, and discover the source of the spring’s exceptional water.


All this, from nature to food and design, will inspire us to wander in the wild during Finland’s centenary. There’ll be something for everyone’s taste – for children, for groups of friends, and for those who prefer solitary peace and quiet.

Join us in making the best memories of the centenary out in the wild!


Images: Riitta Sourander